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Inaugurated in 2017 by two seasoned industry experts, our mission is to redefine game advertising, creating a fairer environment for advertisers.

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Leveraging our extensive network of global traffic sources and utilizing in-house media buyers, we possess the ability to engage gamers worldwide through a diverse range of campaign models.




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Internal Media Buying

Our internal media buying team excels in delivering top-tier traffic under our direct supervision, ensuring unparalleled quality and transparency. Every source is meticulously vetted and disclosed, offering complete visibility into your campaign’s performance.

Leveraging years of expertise and a vast reservoir of data, we tailor strategies to amplify your game’s visibility effectively.

Influencer Marketing

Discover the potential of influencer marketing for your game development endeavors! Enhance your game’s visibility through strategic influencer partnerships, offering a range of tailored advertising formats including integration, dedicated video, live stream, and social posts.


Discover the power of our international connectivity for your brand’s success.


“I can strongly recommend Gamebassadors, they are reliable and performance driven, constantly focusing on optimization and regular quality feedback, while providing up to data information, and delivering high quality volume for our games. They are passionate about game advertising and professionals in the field of marketing, a great partner for InnoGames.“

InnoGames Stuart Devereux | Performance Marketing Manager

“We are very pleased with the outstanding performance of Gamebassadors, making them our top-performing partner in the channel. What sets them apart is their prompt and thoughtful response to our requests. It's impressive how they consistently address our needs with efficiency and consideration. I would confidently rate their service between 8 and 9 on a scale of 10.“

Funplus Joanne Jiang | The Funplus Team

“Gamebassadors stands out as a team of exceptional qualifications. Leveraging their extensive experience and the provision of top-notch traffic, they have played a major role in expanding our customer base and fostering substantial growth on the PC platform for our project, Left to Survive.”

My.Games Viktoria Kurilenko | User Aquisition Manager

“We love working with Gamebassadors. They get good results and are always eager to go the extra mile to make sure we get the brand exposure and conversions we need!”

Star Stable Larissa Ciriaco | Partner Acquisition Manager


Mark Luijks

Head of Advertiser Partnerships

Viktor Wunder

Head of Publisher Partnerships

Anna Jerofejev

HR / Senior Advertiser Manager

Olena Lychkata

Advertiser Manager

Mark Nemeth

Advertiser Manager

Renata Loki

Publisher Manager

Marton Imre

Publisher Manager

Gabor Batiz

Publisher Manager

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Meet us at Affiliate World Europe 2023

Meet us at Affiliate World Europe 2023

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Left to Survive ranks #2 in the PVE shooter genre, attracting 60 million players worldwide

Left to Survive ranks #2 in the PVE shooter genre, attracting 60 million players worldwide

Left to Survive, the popular shooter and base-building game from MY.GAMES, has become a top-rated game in the PvE Shooter category, ranking number 2 in terms…