We are hiring!

At Gamebassadors we are currently looking to expand our team with a commercially data driven young professional dedicated to working at the heart of Gamebassadors focusing mainly on campaign setup, solving tracking issues, analyzing reports/data in the online gaming industry. 

This is your chance to join a fast growing start-up and be able to make a difference at all levels of the organization and bring us to the next level. 

About us 

Gamebassadors is a digital media (buying) agency, dedicated to helping game developers grow their games. 

Our mission is to provide the best advertising product, customer service, and counsel to game developers worldwide to help game marketers reach their goals in their quest to successfully grow their global gaming communities.

The hiring is closed for now!

The hiring is closed for now!

The hiring is closed for now!

Interested? Tell us why you would like to become part of the GB family and apply with your CV at: