Why work with GameBassadors?

We have a new approach to servicing today's game advertisers - one that will simply bring our partners better results.

The Ambassadors

Letting your own players act as marketing instruments will have the most impact. Therefore our focus is on social and ambassador types of traffic channels, which guarantee you with the best possible results.

The Technique

Apart from our experience in knowing where your players are and how and when it is best to engage with them, we only tap into media channels that allow for behavioural, interest-based and demographic targeting.

The Outfit

We are a brotherhood of experienced media buyers that have a proven track record in helping to grow gaming communities. Only the most trusted media partners have a chance to become part of our outfit.

The Approach

By knowing both sides of the business inside out, GameBassadors understands how to drive quality and deploy the most impactful ads. The way our company is structured also provides partners with more competitive payouts and prevents any fraud.

The Transparency

We offer our partners a detailed insight into our engagement tactics and interaction techniques, and we are also happy to disclose more information regarding each media source we bring into service on any of your campaigns.

The Blend

We use the perfect blend of high-impact ad formats such as video's and only today's most relevant advertising platforms will be utilised in our quest to provide you with the best possible mix of highly engaging influencer and social traffic sources.

Heading the Outfit

The executive team has more than a quarter of a century in combined experience working in digital media and games advertising.
Jim Kruijer

Jim Kruijer


Jim has been active in games marketing for over a decade and spent time on both the client as well as the agency side in a variety of game advertising related roles.

Bence Feigl

Bence Feigl


Bence has worked for an agency dedicated to games, was a self-employed media buyer, and most recently acted as the Managing Director of a digital media agency.

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