About Us

Gamebassadors’ Expertise

Born in 2017, as former media buyers and advertising specialists, starting our own unique outfit. The way Gamebassadors is structured offers more value to both advertisers and publishers. We utilize the best analytical platform that the industry has to offer and don’t mix our traffic sources. We take on more competitive pay-outs whilst continuously driving premium traffic, thus offering more transparency and insights. Our focus is on social and ambassador channels, while we also tap into all other mediums.

Meet the Team

Jim Kruijer


Bence Feigl


Mark Luijks

Head of Advertiser Partnerships

Viktor Wunder

Head of Publisher Partnerships

Anna Jerofejev

HR / Senior Advertiser Manager

Marton Imre

Publisher Manager

Olena Lychkata

Advertiser Manager

Gabor Batiz

Publisher Manager

Mark Nemeth

Advertiser Manager

Norbert Cseszko

Team Lead Media Buying

Renata Loki

Publisher Manager

Claudia Szepe

Finance / Campaign Manager

Peter Lentsch

Campaign Manager

Edina Oberfrank

Website / AdOps Manager

Peter Holloczy

AdOps Assistant

Tamas Lorincz

AdOps Assistant

Petra Kareczki

Finance Manager Assistant