For Advertisers

Full Service Approach

At Gamebassadors, our global reach empowers us to effectively target gamers on both desktop and mobile devices. We pride ourselves on crafting perfect marketing mix tailored to ensure the success of your campaign.

Extensive Knowledge

We know what it takes to help you reach your KPIs through tailored UA/branding strategies.

Personal account management

We focus on regular optimization and quality feedback to ensure our customers do not miss any opportunity or recommendation

Global Expertise

We know how to target players from around the world to help you scale internationally.

Skilled data analysts

Optimizing pro-actively based on post install/lead events is something our clients appreciate a lot,

Top Notch tracking

Our internal and 3rd party platforms combine multidimensional reporting and analytics, real time data with a fast and responsive affiliate UI to ensure we pinpoint and connect you with your ideal player.


We want you to be in the know with everything we do. You have transparency in our engagement tactics, targeting settings and our commissions.

Internal Media Buying

Gamebassadors’ Media Buying Team exceeds expectations through their advanced targeting expertise and diverse array of traffic channels, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Influencer Marketing

Gamebassadors harnesses the influence of streamers and content producers to elevate your brand awareness across diverse gaming platforms on a global scale.